Have a romantic relationship as successful and thriving as your career in 2021

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This program is not for you if…

  • You’re not serious about change
  • You’re waiting for the right time
  • You’re not ready to do the work and take responsibility for your life
  • You want to wait for him to change first
  • You’d rather stay in the cycle of blame and shame
  • You already feel fulfilled in every aspect of your life
  • You don’t believe that investing in yourself is the best investment you’d ever make

But you’re in the right place if…

  • You’re ready to commit to the change
  • You know the time is now and you don’t want to waste another precious moment of your life on arguments or misunderstandings
  • You’re willing to heal to give your relationship the best chance
  • You’re ready to reconnect with love in your heart and feel butterflies again when you look at each other
  • You want to reclaim the spark you once had in your relationship and make an empowered decision about your future
  • You long to be genuinely affectionate with your partner and feel happy with your life in the bedroom

Can you imagine what it would be like when…

You get home and he meets you at the door, looks warmly into your eyes and takes your bags from you. He could hardly wait for you to get home and neither could you

Instead of feeling triggered by miscommunication and engaging in an argument over petty things, you feel calm and just get on with what you need to do. And then he comes back and apologises for his rant

He makes your relationship a priority. No more going back on his word. He shows up when he promised and gives you support with the kids and the house

Talking about your feelings is your new normal. He’s open about the way he feels and you can finally communicate your innermost desires

You can lower your guard and feel safe with him, because you trust that he won’t let you down. You laugh together and life feels sweet

You feel at ease and authentic at home and work. Your productivity skyrockets and you feel abundant inside and out

You feel truly seen and heard. When you can get into deep conversation and share vulnerabilities, you trust that you will be held no matter what

I know what you’re thinking…

I don’t know how it’ll work for us

I find relationships so hard

We’re incompatible

It’ll never be like that for me,

because I’m a disaster at


You’ve probably tried the odd marriage counselling and some personal development which eased the stress a bit but only temporarily, because chances are that you have dealt with the symptoms of the problem and not the cause…

I get it. I really, really do!

I used to be where you

are right now…

I felt trapped in my relationships. I  walked on eggshells and prioritised my partners’ needs. I couldn’t ask for what I wanted. Communication felt stifled and charged, because I was too scared to say the wrong thing and make matters worse. I felt stuck. Carrying the weight of the relationship felt unbearable. I couldn’t lower my guard to the point that I couldn’t sleep with anyone else in my bed. Separate bedrooms were the norm and intimacy…

Well, what intimacy?

It got so bad that I started getting a stabbing pain in my heart. Physically I was OK, but my body started sending me clear and loud signals: if you don’t change something in your life, I’d do it for you. My career has suffered too. I was too stressed out at home to be able to concentrate at work. I felt like a failure as a wife, mother and career woman

True love and connection felt beyond my reach. I was ready to give up. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be in a relationship in this lifetime. Maybe I was broken beyond repair?

So I decided to focus on myself!

I released a lot of anxiety and shame, worked on my communication blocks and relationship patterns, learnt to relax and let go, as well as open to more abundance and trust

Guess What Happened Next…

I met my soulmate and I feel the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. My entire nervous system has relaxed and I feel safe to share my bed and innermost thoughts with my partner. I released a lot of stress in my life, including  my university job, and there’s so much ease right now. I have more time for my kids and for my relationship. I’m earning more than in my law lectureship, while feeling deep fulfilment and creativity. I trust now – trust myself, my body, my partner, my life.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created this programme to help other women to get what I have and more.

I would wish all those I love (& even those I don’t) who are less than content to experience the power of your healing abilities, & create a more trusting happier future for themselves. Feeling the best I’ve been in a couple of decades at least. I would add that today was the first morning that I woke up without tears or anxiety for about 16 months and I feel that mostly it’s due to the healing that has occurred from our time together.’


‘Gulara’s insights and intuition in getting to the root of every issue has once again proven to be powerful in every respect. Amazing session as always – Gulara has a unique talent for really going at the root of the problem that you think you want to clear. Her healing abilities are legendary. She has helped me to move huge blocks that have prevented me from leveling up. I am excited to see how this latest session will manifest more miracles in my life.’

L.C. in Tempe, AZ USA

5 Pillars of Healthy Relationships

Before you can heal your relationship, you need to turn down the volume on your anxiety. Your mental chatter gets in the way of ‘real’ conversations. Using the Anxiety Antidote system, Pillar 1 helps you to declutter your mind, your body and your emotional baggage

Pillar 2 uses the Shatter Shame system to assist you in feeling better about yourself. If you’re riddled with guilt and shame, no matter how loving your partner is, it’s hard to take it in. You need to release old shame and fear in order to start appreciating yourself again

Pillar 3 is about healing any toxicity or dysfunction in your relationship(s). Using the Communication Cure system, this step enables you to have healthy communication patterns and to feel deeper connection with yourself and others

Pillar 4 is about reclaiming your sexual power. With the aid of the 3Rs system (Relaxation, Restoration, Reclamation), you’ll learn to trust yourself and your impulses, so that you can embrace your desires

Any misalignment in your intimate relationship is likely to affect your self-worth (and therefore, bank balance) and energy levels. Using the Ample Abundance system, Pillar 5 will help you to come into healthy balance: in your bank, your body and your energy levels


A 6-month online weekly group programme for women who are ready to transform their relationships and invite more love in their life

Here are the building blocks of the programme:


Rewire Your Nervous System with Anxiety Antidote

  • What keeps you up at night: healing from insomnia or sleep interruptions
  • Addiction amnesty: what are you holding on that’s not serving you any longer
  • Weight battles: Is it what you eat or what eats you up


Unshackle from Shame with the Shatter Shame System

  • Releasing body shame
  • Healing the legacy of sexual shaming
  • Releasing fear of sexual harassment and any past hurts


Healing toxic relationships with Communication Cure

  • Communication cure to release codependency and control
  • Connection cure to rebuild trust and boundaries
  • Intimacy cure for internal security


Sexual Emancipation with 3Rs

  • Relaxation at the cellular level
  • Reconnection with and restoration of your body
  • Reclamation of your sexual energy and life force


Healthy Balance with Ample Abundance

  • Financial Abundance: Reclaiming self-worth and healing the root chakra
  • Healthy Body: Releasing the energetic charge of past trauma from the body
  • Reconnecting with your life force and living your life purpose

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“I have worked with Gulara for 6+ months and find her extremely gifted in her healing abilities. I have taken her classes on healing blocks to money, love and communication and I am a more healthy, confident and happy person having worked with her. Gulara is kind, patient and wise as she guides her students to find a place of healing in whatever area they are blocked. Gulara is very intuitive so she helps find the highest divine solution for her students issue to be healed. The most important quality Gulara holds is safety and compassion. I always felt heard and honored for what I was dealing with and Gulara empowered me to move forward and love myself which allows me to then love other people and life. Thank you Gulara!”

– Eileen

“Gulara was beautifully gentle and absolutely on target with issues I knew about and have worked on for years, but couldn’t get to the deeper levels of. And she was able to connect it all to the issues I am currently having in my life. So helpful and insightful. I am so grateful.”

– Pam R. in Santa Barbara, CA 

“Let’s put it this way: I had an issue buried so deep in me for years that I wouldn’t even say it out loud when I was alone because I felt so shameful. But after working with Gulara a few times, I trusted her enough to help me through it. Her incredible intuitive nature helped me tap into aspects of this that I didn’t even know where there and thank god, because I was ready to release it all. I’m much lighter and relieved.”

– Anonymous in Canada

“Gulara is a true healer and teacher. The work I have done with her around abundance and shame have created profound shifts in my life. Not only in my bank balance but in my relationships and ability to self care as well.”

– Erica Lowe Pronouns: she/her BACP accredited Counselor, UKRF Reiki Master and Energy Healer

And you also get these juicy bonuses!

To support you better on your journey of transforming your relationship here are some gorgeous bonuses!



30 day energy field detox

Daily 5-6 minute guided healing audios, so that you can achieve your goals faster by peeling off layers of stuck energy on a regular basis



Heal Your Money Tree

Audio course to heal ancestral money blocks, so that you can open to more abundance by releasing your parents’ and families negative money stories



From Suppressed to Calm Communication

Audio course to heal ancestral communication blocks, so that you can communicate from your heart and feel heard



Reclaim your Feminine Power and Sexuality

Audio course to heal ancestral wounds of sexuality, so that you can embrace your feminine power


Hi! I’m Gulara, your trauma healing coach.

I help successful career women to restore love in their relationship so that they can feel fulfilled in every area of their lives.

As your guide, I combine a range of energy healing techniques, creating unique processes that help you to release any stuck and stagnant energy, so that you can open to more love and joy in your life. 

You really can have it all.

I’m a mother of two, a writer and an associate university law lecturer. 

‘Thank you, Gulara, for such a superb healing session I received from you.  Each session with you was absolutely astonishing, and transformative! Your amazing skills, compassion and intuition made me feel so safe, and I did notice a lot of positive changes in my life.

I improved on my driving skills, my family got back together, and our relationships improved. Gulara helped me to dissolve debilitating headaches after being infected by C19. 

She also helped my 6 years old granddaughter to deal with her fears, and insecurity. I felt so calm and warm in her presence. Without any doubt, I recommend Dr. Gulara to my friends and family.”


“As a healer who has been on this journey for nearly 25 years, it is not always easy to find someone who can meet me at the depth and nuance i might need support in.  Enter Gulara – a healer’s healer.  She combines her experience, instinct and technique to elicit forth tiny crevices to heal that may have previously been overlooked or allow one to re-visit old patterns with a fresh eye and help dissolve them further.  I have done both one-on-one and group work (highly recommend the combination!) and, in both, Gulara creates a container of enormous support and thoughtful attention, cultivating a ripe environment for healing to take place. Do yourself a favour and enter into her realm, you will make significant shifts!” 


Are you willing to waste another minute of your one and only precious life?

What would it mean to you if someone said: ‘Listen, I’ll help you to turn your life around. By Christmas 2021, you’ll be in such a different place!’ 

How happy would that make you?

Well… I’m here to help you get that happiness.

If you’re ready to stop unhealthy patterns in your life… If you’re fed up reliving old stories, numbing down, then judging yourself… If you’re willing to stop being hard on yourself and others and say ‘yes’ to you… then there has never been a better time to invest in your transformation.  

When you join my 6 month programme, you’ll feel safe at a deep level. You’ll start trusting yourself, your body, your loved ones. You’ll open to more joy and laughter. You’ll feel lighter. 

You will reclaim your life-force.

Your next best step is calling you

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YES to your best life!

What you get in the program…

Weekly healing and coaching calls (25 calls in total)


Reclaim your Feminine Power and Sexuality audio course


From Suppressed to Calm Communication audio course


Heal Your Money Tree Audio course


An ongoing support in the FB group


30-day energy field detox



But it’s available to you for a drastically reduced price today


Save £500 by paying in full today! (BEST VALUE)



Pay only £500 to get access, and then 5 monthly payments of £500

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Do you want the VIP Experience?

If you want to improve on your relationship faster, you can upgrade to a VIP experience.

You will get access to the program plus…

Four 1:1 Calls with me


VIP Day with me (online)


Access to me throughout the programme for ongoing support and regular pep-talks




Save £1000 by paying in full today! (BEST VALUE)



Pay only £1000 to get access, and then 5 monthly payments of £800

Click to Book your FREE 30 Minute Consultation with Gulara

This All Sounds Great But…

Who is this programme for?

Women who are struggling in their relationship(s). You do not need to be in an intimate relationship right now to take this programme. 

This is a deeply healing and transformative process. You need to take responsibility for your own healing to get the results that you want (show up to the calls live or with recording and be willing to participate).

Who it’s not for?

It’s not for those who can’t be vulnerable or authenticIt’s not for whiners & complainers.

How does the programme work?

Each month you get 4 calls (2 deep dive live healing sessions, 1 Reiki circle for integration and 1 Q&A call). There are 25 calls in total.

What if I can’t attend some calls live?

No problem. The recordings work like charm and you’ll get as much from the recorded session as from a live one.

How much time will I need to participate? How can I get the best results?

The time required to succeed within this programme is up to 2 hours per week, including the healing and coaching calls. Alongside the coaching calls use the community in the Facebook group and the resources in the membership hub.


Can I get a refund?

I have such faith in what I do that I don’t offer refunds. You need to commit to the process fully to get the results that you want.

Can I get 1:1 sessions if I need extra support?

Absolutely! Just reach out if and when you need to.

What results will I get?

Results vary, but one thing I know for sure your life and relationship(s) will transform as a result of you taking this programme.


Save £500 by paying in full today! (BEST VALUE)



Pay only £500 to get access, and then 5 monthly payments of £500



Save £1000 by paying in full today! (BEST VALUE)



Pay only £1000 to get access, and then 5 monthly payments of £800

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